living environments

A la Carte

A variety of specialized personal design services to Refresh, Renew and Reinvent your living environment. Hourly designer fees apply and additional anticipated costs will be discussed during our personal one on one design consultation

Design in a Day
Beginning with a Face to Face consultation our team of experts will assess your design dilemma and execute a Day Enhancement of your dwelling. 

Personal Shopping
Alleviate the stress of shopping by allowing our designers to work within your budget to research, select and purchase the finest quality finishing touches for your project. From window treatments and tiles to furniture and cabinetry we will select the perfect items needed to complete your project

Life Style Organizing
Our Team will create a Clean-Fresh Living Environment by re-organizing and finding solutions to Reclaim, Refresh and Renew your Space.  A simple de-cluttering can recharge your life and lighten your load

Designing Your Home to Sell Allow us to make your home more sellable by highlighting its best features and creating an environment where the buyer can imagine themselves living

"As for people like myself, that do not have the vision or the time to shop, the team, every time has been successful in shopping with price sensitivity in mind and has done so in a timely manner!  "
Sonja Denning...