COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL Lakeside condominium development This multi-unit residence with panoramic views of Lake Michigan is a perfect haven corporate travelers or seasonal residents 157416986 Chamber of Commerce This Leed Certified newly constructed Chamber of Commerce is the crowning glory of the Renaissance Zone of Muskegon Michigan 157416989 Green Designed Auto Dealership The Green Friendly design for this auto dealership showcases their awareness to environmental sensitivity 157432443 Green Designed Auto Dealership This commercial bathroom was designed with sustainable mosaic tiles and a cut glass artistic interpretation of the waves of neighboring Lake Michigan 157416985 Oral Surgery Office Attention to unique requirements and specifications was an important factor in the planning and design of this surgical office 158093150 Dental Practice Curved walls and contrasting details give a modern look to this Dental Practice 158093151 Ophthalmology Retail Center Strategically placed lighting illuminates eye ware showcases in this spacious retail operation 158093152 Corporate Call Center Recycled products were utilized in the consciously designed corporate call center 158093148 Ice Cream Shoppe Clean, steam line design creates a fun, functional use of space in this sweet shoppe 158093149 Ophthalmology Office Custom designed wood and slate front desk add a comforting feel to this medical facility 157432442