STAGING STAGING Clean Palate Clean open and perfect for anyone to imagine decorated with their own furnishings 158091717 Simple Elegance This showcase home is an ideal setting where any new home owner can imagine themselves living 158095449 Traditional Home Staging Tradition use of period wall coverings, wainscoting, crown molding and brass light fixtures are the perfect touches for this Feature Home Staging 157435690 Condo - Corporate Residence Showcase Simple clean no frills design is ideal for corporate travelers in this condo development 158091720 Condo - Corporate Residence Showcase Guest Bath was showcased in a condo development for corporate travelers 158091716 Neutral Toned Showcase Home Soft neutral color scheme and carefully selected furnishes create an appealing atmosphere for potential buyers 158091715 Neutral Toned Dining Area Neutral color theme is carried into the dining area of this inviting home 158091722 Master Bedroom Staging Uniquely designed crown molding and Shaker style furnishings is featured in this award winning design for a master bedroom staging 157568429 Elegant Sophistication Custom window treatments, select furniture and accessories and traditionally inspired lighting add the perfect touches to this exclusive property 157435705