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ROOM INTERVENTION - $399/per room


Does your room need an attitude adjustment? Our professional experts will provide you astep-by-step approach to redesign your room. Within 5-6 weeks you will receivea “How To” Interior Design Package with clear guidelines based on yourspecifications.

Just answer some easy questions, provide measurements and upload photos or videos and be onyour way to a Brand New Room. 

YourDesign Package will include

  *A professional layout with full color scheme

  *Review of furniture and accessories

       0;  1. List of items wesuggest you retain

       0;  2. List of items werecommend you purchase

  *Paint, wall coverings and textile recommendations

  *Additional recommendations for window treatments, flooring, cabinetry, countertops andmore…as needed

  *Feel free to contact us with any questions along the way


SPECIAL NOTE:  If you have purchased a Room Assessment you mayapply a

 one-time only rebate towards this package

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